Hellenic Society for Emergency Medicine

The Hellenic Society for Emergency Medicine, HeSEM, was founded in 2002 by doctors working in the fields of Anesthesia and Intensive Care as well as in Emergency Departments and in pre-hospital Emergency Medical Care.

During the last years, HeSEM has succeeded in persuading most professionals, including government representatives, of the advantage of a speciality of Emergency Medicine in improving patient care. Despite the initial disputes from other medical societies, HeSEM has achieved in gradually changing their attitudes towards the necessity for the recognition of the speciality of Emergency Medicine.

HeSEM continues to pursue its goal to establish Emergency Medicine as a medical speciality in Greece by several activities including the training of physicians and ED staff during national and local seminars and by holding a biannual national congress.

Nowadays, HeSEM represents both in-hospital and pre-hospital emergency medicine in Greece with more than 200 ordinary members and more than 50 affiliate members (ambulance crews and nurses).

The year 2017 will be a special year for Emergency Medicine for Greece, with the 11th European Congress on Emergency Medicine to be held in Athens. For the third time, Greece will host a European Emergency Medicine Congress following the successful congresses in Crete in 2006 and in Kos in 2011. 

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